USA Hockey Camps

Summer Development Program

A series of four camps designed to help younger official’s development and move up the officiating ranks. Individuals are chosen to participate based on their officiating abilities, desire to advance to higher levels of officiating, dedication and commitment to bring learned information back to their local area. Each camp is an intense week-long session that combines classroom instruction, physical activity and actual game experience. The instructors for each session consist of the top professional and collegiate officials who are committed to the USA Hockey Officiating Program.

District Officiating Seminars

The camps are offered to all level 3’s and 4’s in each USA Hockey district. They consist of a 2 or 3 day camp with on and off-ice sessions.

Seminar Instructor Training Program

These sessions are designed to provide in depth training on how to conduct a USA Hockey Officials’ Seminar and effective teaching techniques. Each participant also has an opportunity to practice their teaching skills with practical experience both in the classroom and on the ice.